Watch This! (monitor files, folders and network shares)

Watch This! is a small but very powerful (and necessary) tool for your software arsenal. In seconds you can monitor files, folders or network shares and use the information for cleanup, auditing, compliancy, naming standards, etc.

What Does Watch This! Do?

Watch This! has been built to provide you the easiest way to manage, monitor and control the data that is stored on your file servers and computers. Use Watch This! to identify all file and folder activity.

  • Monitor Your File Shares

  • Enforce Naming Standards

  • Identify Rogue Files

Save Time and Money

Watch This! saves time and money but helping you to control wasted storage. Our quick and easy interface allows for quick results. See sample time trials below (in seconds).

Its time to cleanup your network and know who, when and where files are created, deleted or modified. Great for enforcing naming standards on file shares and directories. Identify unwanted and dangerous files and clean them before they cause damage to your systems.

Easy Installation and Setup

File/Folder Monitoring

Monitor your computers, file shares and network for unwanted files, to enforce naming conventions and to identify wasted storage. Begin monitoring files and folder deletions, creation and modification in seconds.

Simple Fast Install

Once you download the Watch This! it takes less than a minute to install and start using it to monitor file/folder activity on your network.

No Additional Requirements

Watch This! requires no additional software or hardware in order to run. It can be installed on a Windows 7 or 10 PC or higher or Server 2012 to 2016.

Screenshots of Watch This!

To purchase Watch This! now please click the ‘Add to Cart’ button. We are currently offering Watch This! for a special low price of $29.99 dollars for unlimited usage. The regular price for Watch This! is $99. You heard us right it is normally $99 for a life-time license but now on sale for $29.99. Why are we doing this you might ask…we are preparing for a next release of our full software line-up so we are selling our current award winning software for this once in a lifetime offer.