Last Logon Checker

Our Last Logon Checker is a small but powerful Active Directory user cleanup and management tool. Designed and used by companies of all sizes to help cleanup expired Active Directory user accounts. Having a bunch of expired or inactive accounts is not just messy it puts your company at risk from hackers and ransomware attacks. You will have the ability to quickly scan and disabled inactive user accounts with ease.

Why It’s Important?

The Last Logon Checker has been built to provide you the easiest way to manage all of your stale Active Directory user accounts for better security and reliable data downstream.

  • Reduce Security Risks

  • Prevent Inaccurate Data Downstream

  • Reduce Support Calls

Save Time and Money

Acumind’s tools always save time and money. Our quick and easy interfaces allows for quick results. See sample time trials below (in seconds).

Scan 1000 User Accounts
Disable 1000 Accounts
Export All User Accounts

Identify in Seconds

Clean by Date Range

You choose whether to query Active Directory for all accounts to be used for export purposes or return only those that have been inactive by 60, 90 or 120 days.

Simple Fast Install

Once you download the Last Logon Checker it takes less than a minute to install and start querying Active Directory for stale accounts.

No Additional Requirements

The Last Logon Checker requires no additional software or hardware in order to run. IT can be installed on a Windows 7 or 10 PC or higher or Server 2012 to 2016.

Screenshots  of the Last Logon Checker

To purchase the Last Logon Checker now please click the ‘Add to Cart’ button. We are currently offering the Last Logon Checker for a special low price of $29.99 dollars for unlimited usage. The regular price for the Last Logon Checker is $99. You heard us right it is normally $99 for a life-time license but now on sale for $29.99. Why are we doing this you might ask…we are preparing for a next release of our full software line-up so we are selling our current award winning software for this once in a lifetime offer.